Keith & Bonita Doesburg started their electrical business in Vernon in 1988 under the label of Caddy Electrical Contractors. Doing mostly residential work, they partnered up with and employed a number of people through the years, who they still have relationships with today.

Keith's desire for more experience in commercial, and the strong pull to Alberta where he and Bonita both grew up, led them to relocate. They moved their family to Edmonton in 1997, where Keith worked for a friend and cousin in commercial and industrial electrical. When this company grew from four employees to over forty, Keith felt it was time to go back to the small, customer centered, one-on-one relationship type of company.


In 2004 they started their own electrical contracting business in Edmonton, Kinetic Energy Contractors (in Alberta, everyone needs the word energy in their name). Serving the commercial, manufacturing and agricultural industries, the company thrived. God, however, had other plans for them, and after visiting an old friend in Salmon Arm, Keith and Bonita felt the call to come back to the mountains. So in 2009, Kinetic Energy Contractors settled in the Enderby/Salmon Arm area, once again serving the great people of the Shuswap and North Okanagan.


Our Employees


In 1997, when they left Vernon, the Doesburgs left their customers in the good hands of their employee at the time, Lorne McKenzie. Lorne ran LT Electric in the Vernon area for years and later entered the gas industry in Northern B.C. He joined Kinetic Energy Contractors a few years ago and comes with a list of old customers as well as new. These customers continue to call on him for continued great service.


So, it's just like old times............................




We're older now, but that comes with experience!




Keith and Bonita later hired Tim Krabbendam, their son-in-law, who has industrial and commercial experience as well as PLCs.


He's the control guy!


His hobbies include encyclopedias, the internet and the Canadian Electrical Code book. His experience in lumber mills, manufacturing, water districts and other industrial/commercial projects make him an important addition to the company.


Then there's the apprentice.

Keith's nephew, Colton, is our newest addition. He's young, has trouble with vehicles, but is an eager worker and quick learner. He's a great addition to our team. He just needs to wait four years before we even consider a truck for him.






If you were told to spell Kinetic, how would you spell it?


You are right. Unfortunately, we were not all paying attention in Grade 9 science.


Many people spell it Conetic, Kenetic, Canetic and the list goes on!


Or they can't remember the name.


Now, how do you spell Wowpower?




What was the name again?




Now you know why!

Who are we?

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